Horton Mfg is located adjacent to Tulsa International Airport.


Our business is the fluid power or hydraulics industry.

Hydraulic applications are all around us, from processing food to steering and stopping an automobile.

Most of our efforts are in the �mobile� industry. Mobile being defined as any unit that uses a combustion engine to power the hydraulic system and may or may not have wheels and operate on or off road.

Mission Statement:
To work with our customers, to design helpful products, to provide prototype and production requirements timely and free of quality issues, and to provide those products at a reasonable price that provides for the growth of the company and assurance to our employees, while maintaining a corporate life of integrity...

HORTON MFG  | 2001 N 69th E Ave Tulsa, OK 74115  | Bus - 918.836.3971  Fax - 918.836.3975
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